About the Author

20160523_184044Nam-Sig Gross was born in South Korea.  With 19 years she moved to Germany as a nurse with the aim to study music. She successfully graduated from the University of Detmold and for the next 35 she worked as an instrumental pedagogue with the special focus on piano performance. She married in 1978 and together with her husband she raised three children.

Nam-Sig Gross collaborates with her German hometown  Lippstadt and organizes several events in order to make a cultural connection to South Korea. One of her first photo exhibition included presentations, sport and dance events, e.g. a traditional Korean ballet choreography. (1996). Diverse art exhibitions followed. One on calligraphy and another on ceramics by the Korean artist Chilsan Lim Jae Yong (1999) and last but not least one art exhibition on traditional Korean painting (Minwha) by the artist Kim Man Hee (2005).

The exhibition by  artist Kim Man Hee was subsequently shown in cooperation with the Korean Embassy in Berlin. With her book Nam-Sig Gross delivers a further contribution to the international understanding and relationship between Germany and South Korea and provides insights into the life between two cultures.

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